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I'm Famous! 107
I’m Famous! 107

Well, it’s been awhile, but Famous is back! Just 4 days shy of a month actually. Why? Because I was drawing Black Snow, remember? I had to work on creating and establishing a whole new art style, which ended up being a pretty cool black and white menagerie of lines, shadows and depth.

I had a very hard time jumping back from that dark and dirty style to the manic cheerfulness of Famous, mentally. It took me a long time to start and I kept sort of pushing it off because for some reason I was worried I couldn’t do it right anymore and that working on Black Snow was more important.

Well, once I started it was tons of fun. I’m talking laughing, blasting some light-hearted music and getting excited while I drew it. I also took it as an opportunity to really cut loose and draw in a very free flowing style, versus my attempt to be much more rigid and polished with Black Snow. I kind of riffed and went big with exaggerated cartoon looks and the funniest emotional poses I could think up.

I didn’t worry so much about each line or if each color stayed within its boundary. I just got silly sloppy and had fun. Then I slathered on several lighting and depth effects, similar to the new Black Snow style, and I must say I love the results. It was a pretty basically written, short comic, but I think it turned out to be something special. The next one is much more involved, but REALLY FUNNY, so look forward to that.

I haven’t decided which comic page I’ll be drawing next, as I really like the next Famous, but I also want t get that first Black Snow scene in the can and reveal my splash page. We’ll see.

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