Page 6 and Japan

Black Snow: Two Drink Minimum page 6
Black Snow: Two Drink Minimum page 6

This was the fastest one to draw yet. In many ways it was done in a much more traditional style, ie. drawing lines for almost everything’s edge. Though I did still try several new things here with the “color” of the lines, some things without lines, and using highlights in addition to shadows. So don’t mistake my speed for a lack of effort, and when I say speed that is a relative term.

Man, there is so much crammed onto each of these pages; not like the strips where I usually have large panels to work in. Did you catch that we changed Mary’s name to Marie, but Black Snow still calls her Mary anyway? I like the little touches and nods like that. It’s the details that make things special.

By the way, Black Snow is pretty dumb and kind of an asshole. We ramped that up for this relaunch as he was a bit scattered before. Also ramped up the alcoholism. This man is our hero!

We get to see Black Snow drop his unofficial catchphrase; the angry, arms crossed “I doubt that!” he has repeated many times in the comic books. Classic Black Snow, and what a catchphrase. I think I’ll draw a pinup of that. Maybe make it into a T-shirt.

Expect page 7 soon, I have some special plans for that one that I think fans will really like. Then page 8 shouldn’t take too long either, but it will be amazing!

In other news, we’ll be doing a special I’m Famous! one-off story arch about the gang going on a promotional tour in Japan. It will be appropriately titled I’m Famous in Japan! and will feature the anime styled art of Black Snow Comics’ good friend Mark “Rawr” Eagan. I’m very excited about that, and the chance to work with Mark. It is our (Black Snow Comics’) first real partnership and I couldn’t be happier about it. It’s going to be fun!

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