Yay Japan!

It is I, The Lone Wolf!

Yay Japan! I’m going to Japan! Japan won the Super Bowl! Or some such game. I care not for sports. They bore me so.

Woman’s World Cup, you say? Hahahahahahahahahaha! Little tiny Asian women playing sports games! Absurd. Stupid USA. You shame yourself.

The world is full of such folly. My Mr. Rosenstein has told me I’m off to the Orients. To the Chinas! Or was it the Japans? Some Asian place, for some reason. I did not care to listen, but I’m definitely going somewhere. I KNOW THAT!

I can’t wait to see all the silly little people scurrying about their hovels. They worship me as a god there. I am a kind god, but stern! I’ll not stand for any blasphemy. Especially from foreigners…who don’t even speak the King’s English!

I’m not sure if I’ve been there before, but I’m assured the hoards await me with open arms. Wherever it is I’m going.

But yay to Japan, you silly little crazy land of sunrises.

Karate Chop!!!


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