I’m Famous in Japan! page 2

I'm Famous in Japan! page 2
I’m Famous in Japan! page 2

Check it out. The torch is passed, and Mark “Rawr” Egan has run with it. For my slow, dense fans (and I know there are many of you) I drew the panels on the top row, and Mark did the rest.

I like the way my part turned out, and once again I’ve used manipulated photos for my backgrounds. I really like the way they blend with the pure drawings of the characters and think they look fairly natural together.

I really like Mark’s transformations of the characters. He did a really good job of changing their style to make them his own, while still retaining the qualities that make them unique. It’s always really interesting and exciting to see what other artists do with something you have created, an honor really, and I really enjoy how Mark did it here.

The last panel shows he really gets the humor as well. The Lone Wolf’s stupid mood swings are still present, and even enhanced here by the drama of Mark’s manga style. He really turned it into a true punchline, more-so than I could have imagined.

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