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Black Snow: Two Drink Minimum page 17
Black Snow: Two Drink Minimum page 17

It’s funny, this page seemed to flow out pretty quickly, despite all the panels and layout. I’m particularly happy that I was able to do so much on one page, and effectively end that portion of the scene. I also think it it looks pretty good.

From a technical standpoint this one is notable for the way I really streamlined the process to be more efficient. I tried a few new things, things I had thought up while working on the Ape comic, and they worked very well. Visually I doubt you and tell the difference, and I won’t bore you all with the details. Anyone who wants to know more about it just ask me.

I wanted to crank this out so we can get our stuff ready for print at the Alternative Press Expo, and this was the last item on my to do list. I did a lot of drawing this weekend between this and the APE comic.

The ending with Elephant Boy is meant to be an homage to a very funny Gus moment in Issue 6. Take a look.

Black Snow Issue 6 page 13
Black Snow Issue 6 page 13

I really love that sequence, and apparently Alex did too since he wrote this homage. In the original the joke is that Gus is really dumb. In this version I wanted to change the emphasis from Elephant Boy being really dumb to him being really apathetic. He just could care less about the conversation.

Notice that close up of the eyes on the bottom middle panel? Cool stuff. Once again I re-purposed these realistic looking eye-balls I crated some years back.

Of note is the exposition in this scene. The bar is a magical sanctuary this time around, where no violence can be committed, so heroes and criminals alike can come there to drink or meet. Also of note, Black Snow once had control of his powers this time around, but hasn’t for about a decade. Can you guess why? It should become clearer as time goes on. Oh, and Van Buren’s men are separate from all others, and don’t associate with outsiders.

So a lot of stuff on this page.

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