What Two Drink Minimum Could’ve Looked Like

Unfinished Two Drink Minimum Test Page
Unfinished Two Drink Minimum Test Page

What you see above was my last effort towards coming up with a style for Two Drink Minimum that would impress a prospective publisher. It is unfinished, the coloring isn’t complete, no shading, no backgrounds, but it gives you an idea of where I was headed.

I stopped working on it when Alex and I decided we didn’t care about the publisher and were going to do things our way, part of which includes black and white. I’m glad we did. I always wanted Black Snow to remain a purely black and white title. If we went the color route I was going to try to keep a pretty specific muted color scheme, which I was failing at here, as this palette is a bit too bright.

I’m glad we didn’t pursue this route and things turned out the way they did. I think we’ve got a solid, defined look at this point that really benefits from the non-use of color.

BTW, don’t expect those to be the character exact character designs for the Lone Wolf and Wolf Pack.

I don’t like to show unfinished work, but I thought this piece had some merit in sharing. So hopefully that was of some interest to you.

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