I resisted this for many years, but I’ve finally installed Comicpress on the site. I’ve started with Black Snow: Two Drink Minimum, which you can now find at

I first heard about it back when I was working at Google about 3 and a half years ago, then I noticed that almost every comic online was using it. I wanted to create my own thing though, so I never got into it. But now that I’ve grown a bit older and slightly wiser I see the value of Comicpress. Why fight it? So that’s what I’ll be using from now on. And no more double posting to Smack Jeeves (sorry Smack Jeeves fans). The comics will be hosted exclusively on our site.

Everyone I’ve talked to seems happy about the change and thinks it is a definite improvement as far as usability. It does have some nice organization and navigation features.

So look for I’m Famous! and I’m Famous in Japan! to be getting the same Comicpress treatment in the near future. And, as always, feedback is appreciated.

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