Page 24 and Awkwardness

Black Snow: Two Drink Minimum page 24
Black Snow: Two Drink Minimum page 24

Eric and Angel in all their awkward glory. If we have one constant to our work I think that it is focusing on the awkwardness of life. It’s in our comedy, it’s in our drama, it permeates all our writing and drawing. And I think we’re pretty good at displaying it.

There’s something very genuine about awkward moments that makes them easy to connect with. They aren’t usually heavily focused on in works of fiction. Many people do their best to write totally un-awkward pieces, opting for slick and smooth.

So why do we strive for awkward? Because it’s true to life. Life isn’t planned, well written or smooth. It’s full of awkward, unguided moments. There is no order or reason to it (at least that I can tell).

Besides, Alex and I are fairly awkward guys in real life (probably one of the things that unites us in our creativity) and they say you should write what you know.

So what about this actual page? Eric is an awkward blundering fool when it comes to love. Unrequited? A true possibility. I think a lot of this comes from Alex’s firsthand experience with the ladies. I’m happy I don’t have to deal with such things, as I started dating my now wife over ten years ago. I got enough awkward dating in my teens, and I do not miss it.

But it is really fun to draw. Eric is so transparent here, wearing his heart on his sleeve and grasping at straws. Just a true dork, and a lovable one. It will be fun to play out his story with Angel (for a second time no less). I like the chemistry and look forward to where things are headed.

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