Page 25 and Day Jobs

Black Snow: Two Drink Minimum page 25
Black Snow: Two Drink Minimum page 25

Another page of awkwardness. I’m looking forward to that pressured, uncomfortable date!

On this page we see Eric is really just a guy who gets flustered and doesn’t know what to say or how to quit when he’s ahead. A clueless fool in the ways of love. Speaking of, I love that last panel. Some of our classic deadpan comedy.

A word to the wise: Women don’t want self deprecating humor, especially not too much of it. Show some confidence you losers!

The real story here is that we see Elephant Boy out of costume! A pretty site, eh? I always, and I mean since before starting the original Black Snow issue 1, wanted to show a super hero with a menial day job. Well, I finally get to do it.

I spent some time researching Detroit fast food restaurants, and I really wanted to find one that was wasn’t hugely popular and couldn’t be found everywhere. I also wanted one with a fun uniform and building style. So I went with a place I’d never heard of called Checkers. The are several in the Detroit area, but it’s actually in more states then I would have guessed. Not nearly as big as say a McDonald’s, Burger King or Taco Bell, which is what I wanted. They also seem to be concentrated in the midwest and upper east coast, so I think it was a good pick.

I really like seeing Elephant Boy in his Checker’s uniform. It was fun to decide what he looked like under that silly costume. Turns out that he looks pretty gross, blue collar, and maybe even a bit scary.

He does have his real first name on the tag, though you can’t quite make it out here in its reduced web size. Guess you’ll have to wait to learn that.

Besides the inherent comedy, tragedy and drama of being a super hero by night and burger slinger by day, we also wanted to include this to add a little depth to the character, and our fictional world at large. People need money, and everyone here has some kind of job or other, whether they are super heroes or normals. Kind of like most webcomic artists.

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