I’m Famous in Japan! Page 8

It’s that time again…

No not for the Wheel of Morality (more like the Wheel of Immorality in this comic), but for another blogging about an I’m Famous in Japan page. <The Wheel is reference to Animanics. In case you are too young to know that.>

Nothing like a night out with friendly tentacles.
Nothing like a night out with friendly tentacles.

This is a sort-of continuation from the last page, as you’ll have probably noticed Lone Wolf’s injuries have not healed yet. This time round, we’re making fun of Japanese TV. Oh…there so much in there to make fun of, but alas there’s only so much page-space to put it on. So I only choose to keep 3 of the 4 different shows Alex wrote into this page’s script. I had to omit a goofy Japanese game-show, which is something I regret, since they really can be outlandishly cruel.

Instead I treat you to, a Crazy Anime (‘Supaa Mega Sprout Battle Princess’ – featuring her sidekick ‘Whale Dumpling – the Cat’), a Busty Weathergirl (who’s arm-gesture is disturbingly similar to something else…just realized that now), and finally…a Hentai.

Ah Hentai…a lot of misconceptions regarding Anime is thanks to this pornographic older-sister of the genre. Although mainstream Anime can be fairly candid regarding things such as nudity, it rarely ever goes as far as Hentai would. In a vain attempt to keep this blog article clean, I won’t go into too much detail, but needless to say, when it comes to content in Hentai anything goes…

Thus we get tentacle rape. It’s a culmination of three things you’ll find in Japanese porn: monsters, bondage, and unfortunately….rape. Why are they so into that? God only knows, and he’s not saying. So, just a word of warning; if you are ever watching a random anime and notice a tenticle growing near a girl…know that it’s not there to get some Plant Food.

We finish off the page with Lone Wolf throwing Wolf Pack out of the room, for the next 40 minutes. He no doubt plans to use that time to write a strongly worded complaint letter to the Network. (I hope they read English!).

Kidding aside, it was interesting to try out this type of scene, since my other comics wouldn’t normally go into this ‘territory’. That’s one of the big bonuses of drawing this comic I feel.

Bata Neart

Ancient Celtic happenings, in a modern Irish setting

I also feel that I do need to address to readers, why I haven’t been updating as much lately. It’s been crazy busy over at RAWRtacular lately. I have just launched my second comic, which like Back Office is on a weekly rotation. Despite that, I will be continuing with I’m Famous in Japan, with as regular a schedule I can muster. I just hope that gaps between pages won’t be as big as the one before this page.

If you are curious about my newest comic, head over to RAWRtacular, or link to:


Until next time, keep turning Japan-ese-a.


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