Two Famous Years!

Happy Groundhog Day, and more importantly Happy 2nd Anniversary to I’m Famous!

And the winner of the drawing contest is…Kenn Wislander of The Angry Bunny.

The Winning Entry
The Winning Entry

Congratulations Kenn, I hope you enjoy the book. I’m glad a good man won.  To all you who didn’t enter, I’m glad to see sloth and apathy are still thriving in America.

Let’s talk briefly about year two of I’m Famous! It started with a bang as we celebrated the first anniversary pretty hard. We had celebrity guests, won some contest, found Thor’s hammer, continued our limo tour through Hollywood…then things quieted down as Two Drink Minimum took center stage.

Until we got the delightful side journey into the crazy world of anime with I’m Famous in Japan! and the art of Mark “Rawr” Egan. We also got to return to Hollywood to find the long lost sidekick.

We put out I’m Famous! Volume 1, which is available now online, and we got more bad reviews!

A quick tangent/rant about “webcomic reviewers”. These are totally unqualified amateurs who’ve earned no credentials to be passing judgement, and they do a bad job. A real reviewer wouldn’t review a movie based solely on the first 10 minutes, a book based on only the first 10 pages, a restaurant based on a couple bites of a single dish, etc.  So how the hell do these people condone reviewing a webcomic series based on reading the first 10 or so comics? It’s idiotic, totally unprofessional and quite frankly irresponsible. Do it right or don’t do it at all, you ass clowns.

Ok, done. So year two was eventful. It wasn’t the crazy quantity of comics as year one, but I had to make a choice on what to focus on, and I chose the challenge and storytelling of Black Snow.

Was it the right choice? I don’t know. I’ve received a lot more praise for my art on TDM, but I’m Famous! is almost always universally chosen as the better overall comic. People just love it, and I can see why.  It’s simple, fun, good times.

The good news? I’m building up a surplus of TDM pages to release each Saturday, and once I feel comfortable with it I’ll start up with I’m Famous! on Wednesdays. In fact, just today Alex and I decided to challenge ourselves and see if we can get TDM ready for print by the Big Wow Comic Fest in May. If that happens we’ll have a huge surplus and plenty of time for I’m Famous!

So don’t lose hope, your favorite insane superhero will be back soon to continue his entertaining antics.

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