I’m Famous in Japan 11

Hello all, and welcome to another I’m Famous in Japan!

Before we start, I wish to offer my traditional apology regarding not updating in time. So sue me, it’s been a really busy time (please don’t really sue, I have no way to afford legal protection!!), but I have squirreled away enough time this page, and I am really REALLY pleased to have finally done it.

Folks, this is the funniest page I have ever drawn. At least in my head anyways. When I first read Alex’s script for this, I burst out laughing like a crazy person while on the bus to work. That never happens when reading my funnies! NEVER! -and the images I saw in my head continued to haunt me until yesterday, when I finally finished the page.

I gotta get me an Elephant Boy doll!
I gotta get me an Elephant Boy doll!

A couple of notes. First off: Do you see the various ‘Lone Wolf’ toys? Really, its more of a general collection of ‘Black Snow Comics’ toys, The carousel on the right of the center panel features 5 characters from Black Snow, both past and present. (Can anyone identify the 5th character?) I love ‘meta-references’, and referencing Black Snow itself was just too tempting to pass up.

Second note: The punchline. In the script, Alex wrote right up to the ‘No…BURN IT DOWN’ line, with no further directions. This line alone had me in stitches, but I felt that I had to take it a little further. Thus…I decided to the show Lone Wolf BURNING IT DOWN..which is really damn dark. I like to think that this illustrates the scope Lone Wolf’s insanity.

Finally…I must address the Gorilla in the Room.

Deconstructing Comics

Michael has already mentioned these guys, and I have also covered them on the RAWRlog. We were listening to the review podcast of Black Snow Comics at roughly the same time, and chatted at the time. They were being needlessly harsh towards Alex’s writing, and I feel that they were similarly harsh towards Michael’s art. However what I’ll repeat here, is my feeling that they we’re 100% correct towards my own failings. They caught a lot of my bad habits, and in particular, my use of building wireframes.

I was actually half-way though pencil-work for this page when I heard the podcast. At the time I was already wrestling with the idea of using Manga-Studio’s pre-loaded building wireframes, and the podcast had helped to settle my mind. All future content would be my own work. This resulted in me doing a study on trendy Tokyo megastores, which ultimately led me to finding a store which is identical to the Lone Wolf Emporium I drew. I’m glad I did that, since it gave me a lot more freedom with the final design.

And so, we come to the end of this page’s blog. One more page remains in the script Alex gave me. After that, we’ll have to chisel out a few more! Until next time, all the best!


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