TDM Page 41 and Intimidation

Black Snow: Two Drink Minimum page 41
Black Snow: Two Drink Minimum page 41

This may be my favorite page yet.  I’m really proud of the way it turned out, and how dynamically it was written.

The shadows and fire were really fun to work with, and I really like the way the single tone characters pop out.  I want to do more mixing with tones, a bit like I did with Day Camp way back when.

I especially like the interaction between Black Snow and Hawaiian Mike.  The laid back bum with some sense of humor being pushed around by the unwound angry jerk.  It works.  Who doesn’t like seeing a snitch get strong armed?

I showed this page to my wife, who gave it a quick glance and said “I really like that bad guy.”  So I ask who she thought was a bad guy, she gave it a closer look and realized she was talking about Black Snow.

I thought that was very interesting.  I took a look at him and realized he looks like your classic old school burglar with the mask and skull cap, not to mention the nasty attitude on display here.  It’s kind of an odd look for your main hero to be sporting.  But that’s kind of the point here.

Maybe we’ll learn what made Black Snow the man he is today, something we never did in the old comic books.

I think scenes like this are more special when surrounded by the more mundane talking scenes, instead of being constantly barraged by action or high drama.

Just overall a very fun page to do.

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