DMC 6 – Detroit’s Crime Rate

Detroit Mock City 6 - Crime Rate
Detroit Mock City 6 – Crime Rate

I give you the sixth Detroit Mock City created for the Cartoonist Studio contest.  You can click on the image to view the full size.

The first DMC focused specifically on Detroit’s infamous amount of murders, where this one is looking more at their terrible crime rate in general.  First, yes, that is a real Detroit house.  They do have nice neighborhoods, after all!  It isn’t all urban chaos.  Interestingly, I believe this house was for sale, for pretty cheap on the site where I found it.

Definitely some more minimalism there, and the reveal of Happy stealing a TV is another funny one.  Sharing is caring is a pure Alex punchline.  Pretty silly.

You may notice this one says 2012, while the first five said 2011.  That’s because I drew the first 5 in rapid succession as soon as they were written back in early/mid December.  This was the first of the newly written ones from early January.  You may even notice some difference in the look, as I felt a little rusty on the style when I did it.

I’ll share a few sites with you that point out Detroit’s appalling crime rate.  Neighborhood Scout is a pretty cool site that rates the safety of neighborhoods by looking at the crime rate, history, and other factors and comparing them all.  It gives Detroit a 4 out of 100 for safety.  You can see how poorly the city compares to the state as a whole.

City Rating is a similar site includes the national average in addition to the state and has graphs displaying the last 11 years.  Here is a pretty interesting summary they give:

Detroit crime statistics report an overall downward trend in crime based on data from 11 years with violent crime decreasing and property crime decreasing. Based on this trend, the crime rate in Detroit for 2012 is expected to be lower than in 2009.

The city violent crime rate for Detroit in 2009 was higher than the national violent crime rate average by 358.02% and the city property crime rate in Detroit was higher than the national property crime rate average by 85.64%.

In 2009 the city violent crime rate in Detroit was higher than the violent crime rate in Michigan by 295.77% and the city property crime rate in Detroit was higher than the property crime rate in Michigan by 98.62%.

That is insane, and 2009 is not even the worst year!

Area Connect is cool because it lists the different types of crime in detail, and lets you pick cities to compare.  I could go on, but I think you get the idea.  Detroit is a dangerous place, often called the most dangerous city in the United States on official lists.

So while we like to make some light of it, crime in Detroit is no joke.

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