DMC 9 – Detroit Police

Detroit Mock City 9 - Detroit Police Department
Detroit Mock City 9 – Detroit Police Department

The ninth Detroit Mock City created for the Cartoonist Studio contest.  Click the image to view it in full size.

This was an odd story, to be sure.  You can read about it on  To sum it up, Chief Warren Evans was forced to resign by Mayor Dave Bing in late 2010, one of the reasons being his inappropriate relationship with one of his subordinates, Lt. Monique Patterson.  He was replaced by Assistant Chief Ralph Godbee.  From here things get a bit muddy and involve slander and social media and text messages, but basically Evans claimed he was wrongfully demoted and he claimed to have proof that he had been keeping the secret that his girlfriend, Patterson, had an affair with the married Godbee.  Evans also claimed he had been promised a city position if he kept the affair a secret.

You can read more about the players involved here.  Basically the end result is Detroit Police came out looking corrupt, somewhat inept, and just plain bad.  Truly an embarrassment on all levels.  BTW, Godbee still serves as the Chief of Police.

So I found that story quite fascinating.  Many levels of Detroit’s political landscape seem in desperate need of cleaning.

This was the hardest Detroit Mock City to draw, mainly because it has a lot of details in the line work.  I tried to counter that with some really basic shading.  It took a long time, much longer than the others, but I’m really happy with the results.  I think I captured the looks of the people, and they all look funny standing together (they were from different, individual pictures).

Hopefully you think it was worth it also.

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