TDM Page 63 and Bumbling

Black Snow: Two Drink Minimum page 63
Black Snow: Two Drink Minimum page 63

This is a really fun page that does a few things we haven’t really done before in Black Snow.  Black Snow seems very vulnerable here, tripping like a klutz.  It also has some physical comedy, which we don’t do a lot of.

I really wanted to focus on his fall, thus the reason for the close-up and angle of that top panel.  It looks like a painful fall based on his face.  Being clumsy and easily hurt aren’t very heroic traits, and I think we are really reminded here of just how out of his league Black Snow is right here.

If it wasn’t clear this is what caused the crash sound heard by the villains on the last page.  So we are showing multiple areas of the same space taking place at the same time, which I don’t think we’ve done since the first bar scene.  It is a fairly simple concept, but a bit complex to communicate, especially for us.  We are usually simpler than that.

I think it’s funny to see Black Snow all dressed up, and now starting to mess up his look.  The fact that he is really trying is pretty different from his normal drunken angry defensiveness.  The whole team looks a bit goofy and overwhelmed here, which was my main intent.

It was fun to draw more snow, and I think it comes off as the cold unpleasant Detroit we all know and love.  Lightning Lad is really good on this page, in an understated way that plays off of Marie’s attitude very well.  Just an overall enjoyable page.

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