I’m Famous…Again?

I'm Famous!

This is the first I’m Famous! (not in Japan) of 2012?! Christ on a cracker, that’s a long time! Especially considering they haven’t really been done regularly since June of last year. Well, Famous is back bitches!

And we need a little levity in there dark and turbulent times. Two Drink Minimum, while I love it, can be a bit too bleak and dreary sometimes. I recently discussed this with Alex, and he agreed. I missed Famous and always meant to do them simultaneously, I just never really got around to it (In somewhat of a side not I finished this comic while staying in the hospital overnight with my son, so it was nice to work on something lighthearted).

I wrote this one (and the next 3) over a year ago, but never really forgot about them. It is nice to finally get them done, and it will be fun to get Alex to write some more soon. I still plan on making TDM my higher priority and pushing it out once a week on Saturday, but I’m going to do my best to get a Famous out on Wednesday at least every other week, or once a week if I can manage.  Who couldn’t use a laugh in the middle of the week?

This is a simple, silly comic playing off the idea that the Wolf Pack is anything beyond a mentally handicap man-servant, and the fact that Rosenstien has spent a crazy amount of time romancing the Lone Wolf for one movie for his studio.

I really like both those characters and enjoy when they get some play.  Makes me wonder why I wrote out Wolf Pack earlier.  Of course we’ve also got the classic Lone Wolf overreaction here.  I love when he gets irrationally emotional, which is basically all the time.

I didn’t know if I’d have some trouble jumping back into the Famous groove, but looking at the results and how quickly I was able to do it I’d say it’s like riding a bike.  In comparison to TDM, Famous feels a lot easier, and more fun in some ways.  Beyond the differing tone of the comics and the black and white vs. color, I think it also has a great deal to do with working on a comic strip versus the longer narrative of a graphic novel.  It’s a huge difference.

So look forward to more fun strips to come!

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