TDM page 72 and an End to the Endless Scene

Black Snow: TDM page 72
Black Snow: TDM page 72

It can be argued that this scene started with Black Snow and Lightning Lad arriving in the car on page 58, which would make this scene 15 pages long.  And I’m talking about a damn full 15 pages.  Granted you can divide this scene into several smaller scenes, but it was still a hell of an undertaking for us.

A bunch of different characters and stories coming together, several shifts in tone, progression of plot and the death of a character.  A lot has happened.  In terms of time page 58 was posted on 6/16/12 and page 72 was posted on 9/22/12.  For loyal readers of the webcomic that was a 3 month scene.  Yikes!  That’s got to be fairly unprecedented.

Did this much hyped scene deliver?  Well, I’m a pretty biased source so I can’t really give an accurate answer.  That is for you to decide, dear reader.

A bit about this actual page.  I drew it pretty quickly.  I did almost all of it on the same Saturday morning I posted it.  I almost didn’t draw it at all, as I was considering starting my break earlier.  It was the day Alex left and I was feeling pretty bummed about it and down on the comic as a whole.  I was also pretty burnt out, and some other stuff that I’ll share with you later when I write about my break in some detail.

I think this page came it well, especially for how long I worked on it.  I think my speed actually added a little something to the style.  It has a little flourish to it that is not normally present in my more slowly paced work.  I kind of dig it.

Unlike most of my work this page consists mainly of setting and objects, instead of characters.  This sort of thing has never been my strong suit, but I think I continue to improve.  It was written pretty closely to what I ended up drawing, though the objects described were slightly different.  I think it may have come off a bit more dramatic in writing to survey the aftermath of the violence than in practice.  I did work in the close up of the broken camera that I omitted from the page where Kurt died.

Hopefully it was noticeable to the reader that Redemption’s body was missing from that bottom left panel, making them wonder what had happened to him.  You’ll have to wait and see.

So that wraps it up with this look back at the completed Black Snow pages.  Now it’s on to new pages as my break ends and we move towards even bigger and better things.  The best is yet to come!

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