Optimistically Cynical and Grad Students

I was gone for almost 5 months and all I got was this lousy weed joke.

Optimistically Cynical
Oh Drug Humor!

So, why Optimistically Cynical for my grand return?  Because Black Snow: Two Drink Minimum was killing me.  I’ve been trying to complete the next page for weeks, and it is just so slow going and not much fun.  The problem is I’ve kind of backed myself into a corner by drawing above my comfort zone, and probably my talent level.

I took a couple drawing classes in high school, and one life drawing class in junior college.  That’s the extent of my formal training, and I think sometimes it shows because I have not fully mastered some of the fundamentals.  Perspective, the human form, action, setting – they are all still pretty hard for me.

So taking the comic to a more realistic look has drastically impacted my enjoyment while working on Black Snow.  Using the reference photos has helped me learn a lot, but it has also become a bit of a crutch.

Does that mean I’m giving up on Black Snow?  No, I’m still definitely going to finish Two Drink Minimum (there are still some great parts left!), it just might take awhile.  I’d still like to tell the rest of the story beyond, as the series is planned for 4 or 5 graphic novels.

So keep an eye out, I’ll be doling out TDM at some point, it probably just won’t be on a weekly basis.  And maybe I’ll go take another drawing class, if I ever get some time.

That kind of brings us to the comic I did draw, Optimistically Cynical.  The thing here is that this was really fun to draw, and took me very little time.  That was my goal when I created the comic.  I’m much more comfortable drawing in a overtly cartoon style.  It is what I grew up doing and was always my dream.

I actually wrote this particular comic before I took my extended hiatus, and I think it is pretty funny.  I’ve known many grad students in my time, and more often than not I got the impression that they were still going to school simply because they were not ready to get out there and face the real world, and would rather stay in the warm embrace of academia.

That being said, I’ve sometimes thought about going back to school to get my masters, and lamented that my time at university is over.  The real world is pretty hard, but I’m good at getting A’s and learning.

Speaking of my real world problems, which I documented as a pretty big reason for my break, you might be wondering if my financial situation has improved?  The answer is a resounding no.  In fact things are teetering very precariously at the moment, and I may well indeed be in dire financial straits in the near future.

So my stress and problems are still there, but I’ll try to use the comic as a bit of a release.

This comic is a very personal one that I plan on using to share some of my experiences and observations.  How often will I update it?  I’ll aim for weekly, but I’m not making any promises.

Oh, and kids, please don’t do drugs.  You know I like to joke about them every once in awhile, but they are bad news.  Even weed.  I don’t smoke it.  I never have, and I never will.  I know a lot of people who do, and they are the worse for it.  For a drug that is not supposed to be addictive and have mild long term effects I sure know a lot of people who are pretty severely addicted to it and have some very obvious mental impediments.

So if you want my advice, just say no.  Or don’t.  Make your own decisions, you sheep.  I ain’t here to preach, just entertain.

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