Awkward Romance

Love and romance has always been a staple of our comics, but it was almost always written by Alex.  Playing up the awkward humor of courting is one of his fortes.  It is also something he has more experience with, being as I started dating my wife senior year of high school.

Platonic Friendship - Optimistically Cynical

That’s me taking a stab at it, and it reminds me a lot of the way we did it in Day Camp.  The focus here is on platonic friendship, a subject I’ve always had pretty strong beliefs on.  Basically I believe in what Filo is saying.

I think true, fully platonic friendships are pretty rare.  It takes pretty specific kinds of people in particular situations for them to actually exist.

My theory is that most of these friendships actually exist because one, or both people harbor some attraction towards the other.  Most of the time they aren’t willing to admit this, maybe even to themselves, but it is always there lingering, and giving them a reason to pursue the friendship.

I like the way this turned out, and it was fun to come up with a female hipster teddy bear.  I like the whole aesthetic of it.  The comic seems to be developing a nice style with this focus on an indie cartoon look.  It will be fun to continue in this vein with some more dating humor in the future.

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