Sexy Bunny Day

I’ll be taking part in the first ever Sexy Bunny Day this year.  What is it?  Well, about a month ago my buddy Mark “Rawr” Egan of started a Google Plus community called United Webcomics, which you can find at

United Webcomics

It’s an exciting group full of energetic webcomic creators looking for ways to collaborate and cross-promote.  It is a private group, but all webcomic creators are free to join.  I see a lot of good things coming out of this group, including a new website designed to promote the group members.

The first community event of this group is Sexy Bunny Day, which was co-created by Hiro Odan of Bridge University.  If you want to participate you can contact him, and see the rules at  So go there if you want all the info.  Basically it involves dressing up one of your characters in a bunny costume for Easter.  Pretty simple, eh?

Anyway, here is a list of the current participants, in no particular order:

So look for our Sexy Bunny Day themed comics on March 29th!

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