So Our KickStarter Failed…

not funded with KickStarter

So I guess that didn’t work out so well. As you might expect, it is disappointing. Though not surprising. It is rather fitting, really.

We’ve always been underdogs who have had to fight for every little amount of success we’ve gotten. Nothing has come easily, so why should it start now. It all makes sense when you look at our main man, Black Snow. He’s the little guy. He’s a loser. He’s the one nobody takes seriously or expects to succeed. Life imitates art? Other way around?

I did think it would go better. I see so many projects achieving success, often doubling or tripling their goals. Hell, projects make millions regularly.  And, as we’ve bemoaned several times before, Zach Braff got millions to fund his idiotic movie…

Here’s an interesting stat I got from Mashable the other day: just under 44% of those projects have been successfully funded, raising a total of $535 million.  So that means we’re actually in the majority of the 56% of projects that failed. Awesome!

I had a hard time believing that the majority of projects fail, since every time I look at the site they ALL seem to hit their goals.  Oh well.  BTW, I hate the way that site promotes projects that are already achieving success over ones that actually need help.

So what did we get out of all this? Not any money, unfortunately. Though, Mark Egan committed to drawing some more pages of I’m Famous in Japan!, so that’s really cool. I’m really looking forward to seeing how that story plays out.

We got to see who are real supporters are, and that is something I won’t forget.  Everyone who backed us, I thank you. Sorry we didn’t hit the goal, so you don’t get anything. You do get to keep your money though. And you’re on my short list of good people.

To those who didn’t support us, I probably won’t forget that either. But you’ll have a chance to redeem yourself. That’s the best part, we get to try it all again. I got some more advice on things that might improve our chances, so look for us to try it all again in a month or two.

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