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Optimistically Cynical

This comic seems to have really struck a chord with my fellow webcomic creators.  I’ve heard the same sentiment repeated from many of them, that this comic rings true and mirrors their own experience.

For me this comic, and the upcoming webcomic focused Optimistically Cynicals you’ll see over the next few weeks are especially gratifying.  This is when it’s fun to be a writer.

A lot of this comic is based on my real experiences, and of course this stuff is as well.  I hope people who aren’t involved in webcomics will still find this funny.  Shockingly, I find the majority of our readers have comics of their own, at least the ones vocal enough to talk to me, so I don’t always get the best idea of how a “normal” reader feels about things.

I think a lot of comics, especially webcomics, and entertainment in general, are based on the people involved trying to please themselves.  Sometimes it is great because the work comes off as truly inspired and you can feel their enthusiasm and passion coming through.  On the flip side it can be terrible and come off as a bunch of pretentious douche-bags making each other laugh and spiritually giving each other hand jobs.  I’m looking at you, Adam Sandler.

Adam Sandler
Man, have I grown to hate Adam Sandler and his friends and their movies.

I’m hardly the first cartoonist to shift the focus onto themselves and their industry.  Hell, even the Family Circus does it.  Hopefully focusing on my own experiences will color my interpretation uniquely and give it an entertaining spin.

Anyway, I’ve really enjoyed making these and I hope you’ll enjoy reading them.

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