Black Snow: Two Drink Minimum to get a new cover?

So we’re getting close to printing time with the new graphic novel (we’re on the last scene),  and we want to make it as special as possible.  In addition to coming up with fun new bonus content  for the book we’re also coming up with a brand new cover!

Why a new one?  What’s wrong with the current one?  Nothing really, I just thought we could do better.  For one thing, that cover was drawn before we started the book, and while that served as a nice inspiration moving forward I’m not sure it really reflects the finished product.  Plus I just thought we could come up with something better.

To make sure it is indeed an improvement I’ve enlisted some help.  Talented local graphic designer, and my coworker at my internet marketing job, and dare I say my friend…Deena Freel is coming up with a cool new design for us.  She showed me some sketches for the concept today, and I’m confident that she’s going to deliver something truly striking.

So while I finish drawing the final scene and work with Alex on the bonus stuff look forward to seeing an awesome new cover from Deena!  Get excited.

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