A Special First Editon of Black Snow TDM will be on sale at Big Wow! ComicFest

The book finished on time!  In fact, I had to rush things a bit, so the book that will be available at Big Wow! ComicFest is a very limited print first edition.  So it will be a real collector’s item that will hopefully be worth some money one day.

Black Snow - Two Drink Minimum first edition

What’s the difference between this first edition and the upcoming second edition?  It has a matte style cover, which is something different from our other books.  The second edition will have our more traditional glossy style cover.  Why?  It was an experiment, and I didn’t have time to physically proof it (only digitally).  Upon inspecting it I decided I prefer the glossy look.  On the flip-side, this cover does give it a more gritty, urban feel.  Which is cool, and will be something special for anyone who purchases at the show.

Other differences?  The text didn’t got through our rigorous proofreading, so it contains many of the errors you find within the version on our website.  It also has an error concerning a page number that I just didn’t have time to fix.  So that one will haunt me.

Visually, the book turned out darker than I intended.  So for the second edition I am going to make sure the book is printed closer to what you see online.  There are some enhancements to the drawings that differ from what you see online, but only in the areas I considered to be most problematic.  The second edition will feature a lot more of me adjusting word balloons, text, and several areas that have been touched up or redrawn a bit.  The first edition has a lot more of the untouched original art.

How long until the second edition will be available?  Not too long.  It is already done, it just needs to go through the publishing process.  Probably a couple weeks.  When it is done I’ll share that link.

If you really want your own copy of the first edition, and can’t make it to the show this weekend you can order it at https://www.createspace.com/4791270.  It will be available to order until the second edition is ready, after that it will be retired forever.

If you are in the San Jose, CA area I hope to see you at the show!  And I’ll be happy to sign and sketch your rare copy of the book!

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