Loki at Comic-Con

Everyone having fun at Comic-Con?  I’m not!  Why?  Because I’m not there…  I got put on the waiting list, and I never got taken off.  To add a little insult to injury the Comic-Con people went out of their way to say that people chosen to exhibit and taken off the wait list would not be done in a first come first serve order.  No, they’d be chosen on how important and popular they are.  Thanks.

So applying for the artist alley like 8 months in advance meant nothing, because apparently I’m a nobody compared to the people there.  Which I could actually believe if I didn’t personally know several of the people who were picked to exhibit in the artist alley.  People that I’ve exhibited next to at other shows.  People who are not out of my league.

So that sucks.  Though I always knew San Diego Comic-Con was a lofty goal.  I just really thought this was the year, what with the new graphic novel and all.  To make matters worse, I’ve been put on the wait list for Stockton-Con and Super Sac-Con.  Both of which I applied to several months in advance, but somehow filled up already.  Granted they are pretty small cons, so it probably didn’t take too many exhibitors to fill them.  There’s still some chance I’ll be added to one or both if someone drops out.  So there’s some hope.

In the meantime, while I’m not exhibiting I’m preparing.  I’ve got some nice new book stands to up my table display.  I’ve been putting together a good looking art print binder that I think people will really enjoy.  I’ve also been working with Deena, who did the Two Drink Minimum cover, to make a really nice backdrop banner.

Oh, and I signed up with Square, so I can now take credit card payments.  I won’t have to turn anyone away if they don’t have cash.

Whenever I do finally get to exhibit next, probably APE in October, I’ll be ready.  At least I’m already confirmed for Wizard World in Sacramento next year!

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