Big Wow! ComicFest & Stockton-Con

***  UPDATE – Scott Armstrong was able to get me one of the tables they save for problems, so it looks like I will see you at Big Wow! ComicFest after all!  ***

A little bit of convention news for you.  By the way, you can find all my scheduled conventions here.  I’ve been reaching out to the staff at Big Wow! ComicFest for the last couple weeks to find out exactly what is going on since the con is only a few weeks away and I hadn’t heard anything.  Well, it appears that they lost my application.

Honestly, I find Steve Wyatt and his crew to be pretty unorganized.  I sent in my application the 2nd day possible back in August as part of an early registration for returning guests so I could get a sizable discount.  I was reassured by Steve about two weeks ago that if I turned in my app then I was in.  After repeatedly reaching out to them for official confirmation, today I hear otherwise from Scott Armstrong.  Luckily I have digital records of my application and payment, which I presented.  So we’ll see what they do for me.  But there is now a chance I will not be at the show.  So that sucks.

I’ll keep you updated when I hear any news.

I can’t say I’m too surprised.  Look at the debacle last year when I was assigned two different table numbers, reported this to them ahead of time, and they still didn’t correct it.  Then they double booked my table and I had to move for someone else at the literal last minute, so my table wasn’t ready when the show started.  Oh, and the spot they moved me to was considerably worse than  the one I was originally assigned.  Plus the spot I got was supposed to go to someone else, who showed up on the second day asking me what happened to his spot.

I’m not too happy.  These convention people need to get their acts together.  Last year APE (who was run by the Comic-Con International group that handles the big show in San Diego) lost my check that I had mailed in with my application.  That’s reassuring when the biggest, (and assumed to be best) company loses your money.  Oh, and that one also involved paying early to get a discount, which thankfully they still honored.



In some more pleasant news I’ve decided to do Stockton-Con in August this year.  I didn’t apply when registration opened last month because it was more expensive then I thought it would be and I was already doing these other shows this year.  But I changed my mind and applied today since I may not get to do Big Wow.  The cost wasn’t really that high, just more than I was expecting.  I talked to the guy running show and he said the artist alley still had several openings, so I should be good to go.

At least that should be a great new show for me.

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