I Won’t Be At Stockton-Con

For the second year in a row I find myself stuck on Stockton-Con’s waitlist.  I feel somewhat to blame this time around, as I didn’t register right away because I thought the price was too high.  But I changed my mind and applied quite a few months ago when they told me there were still spots open, but then I got the dreaded waitlist notification.  It is crazy how fast these things fill up.

So I won’t be there this weekend.  Will I check it out as an attendee?  Probably not.  Saturday I’m actually meeting with an author about doing some art for their children’s book.  Maybe if I’ve got nothing going on Sunday…

In other news I’m considering doing Campbell Con in November.  At first I didn’t want to because I felt there price was really high ($175 for a creator table for a one day event, and it’s the first show so no one can really say what the turnout will be).  But now they are offering half price, which is a lot more appealing.  So maybe.  I’ll let you know.  Otherwise you can look forward to seeing me at the Alternative Press Expo in October.

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