Marvel vs. DC

It sort of amazes me that in 2015 fans are still so fervently divided when it comes to Marvel and DC comics.  Every Facebook post I see about a new movie, variant cover or upcoming title has comments that almost immediately devolve into fanboys yelling at each other about what amounts to brand loyalty.

DC versus Marvel

And it’s basically the same argument I’ve been hearing since the 90’s.  “DC is better because it’s gritty and more realistic.  Marvel is too cartoony.”  “Marvel has better stories and characters, all DC has is Batman.”  Blah, blah, blah.  It typically boils down to some variation of those.

Because heaven forbid you just enjoy comics and don’t care which brand they fall under.  And it’s pretty entertaining to me that people feel the need to champion what amounts to the two giant corporations that have a stranglehold on the industry.  Because they really need you to rally for them…

It’s the equivalent to people fighting over Lowes or Home Depot, and feeling some kind of deep seeded passion for their conglomerate megastore of choice.  “You like Target?  Walmart is so much better!”

Marvel and DC are not your friends, and don’t need you to defend them!  You don’t need to play the puppet and live out the comic nerd stereotype.  Aren’t there more important things out there that you could support?

simpsons comic book guy in real life

If you do feel some uncontrollable need to be an advocate for a comic book publishing company why not try one of the smaller ones that will actually benefit from your support.  Image, Dark Horse or SLG would appreciate the word of mouth.  And those are just some of the biggest of the little guys.  You literally have hundreds to choose from.

Everyone loves an underdog, and so can you.  Heck, why not try your old friends at Black Snow Comics.  The next time you see a news post on social media about Marvel or DC you can just blindly comment about how much it sucks and how much better Black Snow is.

So stop being silly sheep and cool it with the fanboy grudge matches.

All that said, Marvel 4 Life!!!  Anyone who likes DC is an IDIOT!!!!!!

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