Day 33

Day 33 of my 365 day drawing challenge is Speed Racer, in honor of my kids’ Pinewood Derby today. I ran out of the drawing paper I had been using and picked up some sketch paper without realizing how much thinner it was and how it soaked the ink a little differently, so that threw me off a bit.

Also I’m not great at drawing in an anime style. I never have been. I remember when anime really became popular in the mid/late 90s when I was in middle school and it was all anybody drew, so I gave it a shot and was mocked by some of my classmates. So that kind of turned me off from trying for awhile. It is something I’ve attempted to incorporate in some of the old Black Snow comic books and I’m Famous! comic strip, particularly in the over the top emotional reactions.

And for anyone who was under the impression that I disliked anime, well it’s not true. I was one of the nerds in the anime club in high school who spent lunch time watching anime with other nerds in a darkened classroom. So I actually have seen quite a bit and do still watch some, most recently One Punch Man. I will say there can be a samey-ness to the style though when it isn’t done with inspiration that can turn me off.

Anyway, I think this drawing came out OK. Not perfect, those damn eyes!

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