Day 44

Nicktoons Week continues with Day 44 of the #365daysofdrawing featuring Doug strumming his banjo with Porkchop by his side. What else do you need?

I actually went back and forth on a pose, but I’m pretty happy with the way this one turned out. I liked Doug a lot as a kid. I found it pretty relatable. My mom used to say it reminded her of me when we’d watch it together. I’ve seen it fairly recently with my kids, and in some ways it holds up, but I find it pretty slow moving and dull compared to what I remember. My daughter seemed to like it, she was excited when she saw this drawing and thanked me for making it. I don’t think it really caught my son’s attention.

I was a fan of most of the early Nicktoons and was really excited each time they’d make a new one, so I wanted to be sure to include some of my favorites this week.

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