Day 48

Nicktoons Week concludes with Rocko, Heffer, Filburt and Spunky from Rocko’s Modern Life. Day 48 of the #365daysofdrawing. I wanted to end the week with my favorite Nicktoon. I loved this one as a kid, and I picked up the complete series on DVD a few years ago. It sill holds up. I’m excited about the TV movie that is supposed to come out this year.

I used to draw this a lot and play the video game for the SNES. I love the art style. No straight lines, inventive character designs, hilariously weird humor, the ability to make the mundane feel absurd…these are some of the reasons I love it.

And I had a lot of fun drawing this. Again, the pose options were unlimited, but I always liked that they sometimes just sat around on the couch. Black Snow fans should recognize that since it has been a pretty big part of the comics, superheroes just sitting around on the couch. I opted for a bored look here since they are really just zonking out. I was pretty far into the drawing when I felt bad that I had not included Filburt, then I had the idea of that nervous wierdo hiding behind the couch and worked it in.

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