Day 58

BSC Originals Week continues with the insane celebrity superhero The Lone Wolf from the comic strip I’m Famous! Day 58 of the #365daychallenge

This is a longtime favorite character that’s been featured in the original Black Snow comic books, the graphic novel reboot, his own spinoff comic I’m Famous! and a spinoff of that spinoff I’m Famous in Japan! So I have a lot of love for this character and like to use him. He’s had a lot of different appearances in that time, both physically and personality-wise. The character is fairly malleable and can serve the purpose you need.

This version is sort of an update on his I’m Famous! appearance, where he is something of an irrational entitled man-child. One review called him the most annoying character ever created. So I guess that’s praise of some kind. I really enjoy that version of the character.

As I’ve mentioned in the past, a lot of our original inspiration for creating the Black Snow comic books came from seeing the movie Mystery Men, and the initial idea for the Lone Wolf was loosely based off Captain Amazing character. A pompous fool more concerned about fame than actually helping people. Over time that morphed more into the weirdo we know the Lone Wolf to be now. Being a big fan of The Tick I think that I used that for a lot of the motivation for turning the Lone Wolf into the perplexing being that we really saw when he got his own starring comic.

I look forward to featuring him more whenever we get the next Black Snow graphic novel done.

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