Day 62

BSC Originals Week comes to an end with the supernatural cowboy detective, the Paranormal Pinkerton. Day 62 of the #365daychallenge

Did you know issue 0 is available on Comixology? Well, it is, Not I’ve got to get back to work on issue 1. You can check out the first 5 pages already. Very happy with how they turned out, just need to layout more and get it done. I have a lot of ideas for this series and think it has a lot of potential. It came about when I thought what is the ultimate comic book I’d like to read. So it really is a passion project that focuses on things I find entertaining.

And I’m really excited about the tweaks I made to the art style from issue 0 to 1. A much heavier focus on shadows and shapes. Sort of my spin on the heavy shading of Mike Mignola or Jim Lee. Plus I love the setting. Even though a lot of my comics have been based in modern urban environments the old west and vaguely steam punk aesthetics really call to me.

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