Day 66

Day 66 of the #365drawingchallenge is Kurt Cobain of Nirvana fame, a fan request. I’ll be straight with you, I like Nirvana well enough, but I feel like they are one of the most overrated and overplayed bands ever. Maybe I’d feel differently if I had been a little older and more into music when they broke out, because people really seem to have a fond recollection of this revolution they started when Teen Spirit burst onto the scene.

I was aware of them at the time, but I really only started getting into music right around the time they were almost done. And once Kurt was gone they were elevated even more into a god-like status. Since people couldn’t have anymore they obsessed over what they had already gotten. And there music was played constantly. And it’s still played too much on rock stations. And I don’t find all of it to be that great.

So they became one of those annoying bands for me. One that I don’t have the same appreciation for that most people seem to. Kind of like the Red Hot Chili Peppers…

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