Day 69

Day 69 of the #365drawingchallenge is Stitch from Lilo and Stitch, a fan request. I watched a lot of Disney movies, but this came out after I stopped really getting into them. I think my interest dropped off around Tarzan. That one didn’t do much for me. So I don’t have a ton of nostalgia for this franchise. I remember my little cousin watching it and the tv show regularly, so I was aware of it. I just never really sat down to watch it.

Now my kids like it and the myriad of sequels, and I’ve watch a bit more of it, but honestly I still don’t care much for it. It’s really strange, and while I often like strange this just doesn’t feel like my kind of strange.

I do really like Stitch’s character design. It’s interesting and fairly adorable. So it was fun to draw, and a nice change from the more realistic celebrity portraits I’ve been doing lately.

A funny Stitch story for you…When we took my son to Disneyland for his 5th birthday we did one of those breakfast with the characters where people in costumes walk around the restaurant to each table and interact with you. They had a Stitch there, and when my son saw it he screamed and hid under the table, and refused to come out until Stitch left. It was very cute.

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