Day 104

Day 104 of the #365drawingchallenge finishes Hellboy Week with the lab created BPRD member Roger the Homunculus. This is one of my favorite characters. His origin was really interesting with Liz bringing him to life by filling him with her power, but it ultimately causing her to slowly die. The stuff with his brother and wanted to team up against the world was really good too. Then after that his relationships with everyone are just really interesting. The BPRD not trusting him and secretly planting a bomb on him if he went bad was the reason Hellboy decided to quit. He and Liz have a really unique bond, and his interactions with Abe are great too, as they have enough in common but a few key differences. I was very tempted to draw this as a full body so I could depict that ring where his privates should be, but in the end I really wanted to be able to show some detail work on his sculpted face.

Roger the Homunculus

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