Day 121

Day 121 of the #365drawingchallenge is a request for Sonic the Hedgehog. What did you think of the movie trailer? I thought it looked pretty horrible. I was mostly a Nintendo kid growing up, but I did have a Sega Genesis and all the Sonic games. I liked them quite a bit, but it was annoying how they pitted Sonic against Mario like you had to choose only one. If I had to choose, Mario was always going to win. As fun as Sonic games are, they are not in the same league as Mario games. I used to like drawing him as a kid since he is such a dynamic cartoony character. It was fun to draw him now, and I continued to push myself to just draw what was pictured in my mind. I’m pretty happy with it. And now I can officially join the ranks who have posted Sonic fan art on DeviantArt. So that’s a career hi-light.

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