Day 148

Day 148 of the #365drawingchallenge is a request for Dib from Invader Zim. I’m surprised no one requested Zim when I did my Nicktoons Week, He’s a character I enjoy drawing along with Gir, but I don’t think I’ve drawn Dib before. And while I like imitating Jhonen Vasquez’s style, I thought I’d continue to try and make each drawing my own here. The results are interesting. It makes me think of Steve Smith from American Dad, though I looked him up after I finished this and it doesn’t actually look that much like him. I really wanted to focus on the character’s paranoia and and nervousness. I think it looks pretty good.

I liked this show as a kid and really loved the distinct art style. I also got excited when I found out Jhonen Vasquez was from San Jose like me. He was one of the first people from my hometown that I had heard of doing something cool. When I was a little older I also became a fan of his comic book Johnny the Homicidal Maniac. In some ways his style reminds me of other stuff I enjoy like Tim Burton and Scud the Disposable Assassin. Sometimes I wash I had a style more like that, and a few times I’ve had people notice specific things I’ve drawn that remind them of it, but it just doesn’t come all that naturally to me. And I’d rather work in a way that just flows then try and force myself to copy something else.

Dib from Invader Zim

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