Day 159

Day 159 of the #365drawingchallenge continues Five Nights at Freddy’s Week with a request for the evil Purple Guy. This was a lot of fun to draw because the in game character is basically simplistic pixel in the old school looking mini games/flashbacks, which gives an artist a lot of freedom to interpret what they look like. This drawing also took into account the general fan art that the community has created, but really a lot of it came just from me wanted to draw a really evil looking guy, and the monochromatic nature of it gave it an old school horror comic vibe. Also, it was pretty different than drawing all these robots.

The other day when I talked about the games I ripped them pretty hard, but truth be told I can get into them sometimes. My kids like them so much that it can be infectious. Drawing all these characters has also given me a little more appreciation for how creative the designs are. It’s also nice that there is such an active community that has been letting me know how much they like what I’ve been doing. So it’s been a very positive experience.

Purple Guy

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