Day 172

Day 172 of the #365drawingchallenge is a request for Spyro the Dragon. It’s funny how linked this series has become with Crash Bandicoot. Sort of like Jak and Daxter with Ratchet and Clank. Platforming is my genre of choice, and I loved all these early 3d platformers. Spyro has always stood out as one of my favorites, especially the original couple games. So I was really excited to see them remastered, though I haven’t played them yet. It was pretty weird and sad to see him reduced to just another character in the Skylanders series, despite the fact that I had fun watching my son get into those games.

My Crash yesterday was partially influenced by the vibe the character gave off and my memories of the old commercials with the guy running around in the costume. I took a little more liberties with that design, this one is a bit more on model, thoughI did mess with some of the dimensions. I always liked the cocky aspect of this goofy little purple dragon, so I tried to emphasize that here. It was fun to draw because he has a very expressive face and his form has a lot of flow to it.

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