Day 193

Day 193 of the #365drawingchallenge is Pinocchio as he appears in the Disney movie. I liked this movie as a kid, but it also freaked me out quite a bit. Monstro, the growing nose, and especially the donkey stuff…Now I think they call it body horror, and that’s one of the things that I can find pretty disturbing still. Not always, as I do love werewolf movies. Maybe that’s why Willie Wonka also scared me as a kid. I like the story of Pinocchio, but it is not one I’ve revisited that many times as an adult. It is a weird one, and for as old as it is it still looks good. Anyway, I do really like the look of everything in it. The designs are great. I don’t think I’ve ever drawn it before, and this was a lot of fun. I wanted to capture some of the body horror stuff and show Pinocchio’s own shock at seeing his nose grow from lying.

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