Day 204

Day 204 of the #365drawingchallenge is a tripping Goofy. I thought this would be a fun follow up to the pissed off Donald Duck I drew yesterday. I also like Goofy a lot. I really like those series of instructional videos they did with him around the 50s. He’s the king of physical slapstick comedy. I also really like the Mickey Mouse shorts they make now where he is suck a weirdo. Those are probably the most entertaining I’ve actually found a Mickey Mouse cartoon. I love drawing old school cartoon characters like this because they are so dynamic. The poses you can do are endless. It such a difference from the more static realistic stuff. Oh, and I loved the Goofy Movie as a kid. Such a great road trip flick that my daughter has grown to love. And here’s some trivia for you, as a young teen I had a rather cruel nickname of Goof Troop that some dicks at school called me because I was fairly clumsy and awkward, largely due to my crooked right foot that I was born with.

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