Day 247

Day 247 of the #365drawingchallenge is the King of Comics, Jack Kirby. I find Jack Kirby pretty fascinating and was watching a documentary about him as I drew this. The more I learn about him the more angry it makes me. By all accounts he was an amazingly prolific artist and model employee, a very generous and caring man, a loving family man, and a damn war hero. Without him there is no Marvel comics, no superhero boom, and many of your favorite characters would not exist, or at the very least be very different. And he was constantly screwed by the comic industry for all his dedication. He never got the credit or the money he deserved. He worked his ass off and was denied when he asked for his piece of the earnings. For some reason editors and writers got the glory while artists, you know, the most important people in the visual medium, routinely got screwed. So while he helped start Marvel and the superhero comic craze Stan Lee got to take everything. Fuck Stan Lee and everyone who didn’t give King Kirby his due.

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