Day 252

Day 252 of the #365drawingchallenge is the artist who made Spider-Man cool again and created Spawn, Todd McFarlane. I really like Todd McFarlane’s work on Spider-Man. His tweaks to the costume design, crazy dynamic poses, spaghetti webbing, and of course Venom make it one of my favorite periods for the character. It’s the period I grew up with, and was the only comic book I really liked as a kid. It’s one of the few I would collect single issues of, and one of the coolest things in my collection is a McFarlane signed issue of of Spider-Man featuring the war between Green Goblin and Hobgoblin. I also really like watching Todd’s videos on YouTube and Instagram where he does drawing tutorials. Sometime I need to get around to drawing Spawn. Pretty cool that it just hit issue 300. I think I’ll do one more of these comic creator portraits then move on to some other art.

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