Day 253

Day 253 of the #365drawingchallenge is the creator of Sin City and known for his work on The Dark Knight Returns, Batman: Year One and Daredevil, Frank Miller. He’s gotten pretty weird and controversial as he ages, but I can’t deny his talent and the impact his work has had on me. Sin City and his black and white work has directly influenced Black Snow. And while it can sometimes be strange or go overboard, he has a very clear vision that makes his work distinct. I can appreciate that. This will be the last in this series, at least for now. These are some of my favorite comic creators and it has been really fun drawing them. And I think I’ve tapped into a pretty good style here with the white outline and solid background putting the focus on the detailed portraits. And the limited shading makes them pop as fairly 3D, making it some of my favorite color work.

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