Day 271

Day 271 of the #365drawingchallenge is one of my favorite childhood cartoons, the vegetarian vampire duck, Count Duckula. While preparing to draw this piece for today’s daily drawing I found someone had taken my previous drawing from a few years back and is selling it.

This happens from time to time and is very upsetting. This is actually the second time this particular drawing was used without my permission, but the other instance was not someone trying to profit on it or pass it off as their own so it didn’t really bother me. As a relatively unknown artist trying to make a name for himself it’s a pretty crappy feeling when people don’t credit you or outright steal your work.

Anyway, this was fun to draw since I love the character and it is very nostalgic for me. I did have trouble deciding how I wanted to pose him. I didn’t want to do what I did years ago and basically just base it off one of his pre-existing poses, so i tried to come up with something new. I actually had an entire rough pencil sketch laid out for a different pose before I decided I didn’t like it and started over. That’s not something I do often anymore. Anyway, I decided to focus on his hammy personality since he is always seeking fame, and give him a similar finger gun pose that I’ve used for the Lone Wolf in the past. Now that would be a pairing.

Count Duckula drawing

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