Day 272

Day 272 of the #365drawingchallenge is Dante Hicks from Clerks, who isn’t even supposed to be here today. I was a really big fan of this movie as a teenager, and Kevin Smith in general. As an aspiring filmmaker I found Clerks to be pretty inspiring and exciting stuff. I could also really relate to the movie as someone who worked retail jobs and pretty much always hated serving customer. As I got older I got less into Kevin Smith and his films. They just appealed to me less and less, and it affected how much I enjoyed some of his older stuff when I’d rewatch it. And Clerks isn’t immune to that. I do still like it, but I wouldn’t put it in my very top favorite movies anymore. And the less said about the sequel the better. So while I can still appreciate Kevin Smith a bit it mostly feels like something I aged out of in a lot of ways. I also feel like he focused too much on the wrong things, didn’t grow enough as a director, became too much of a fanboy for himself and really just repeated himself too much. Clerks and even it’s short lived cartoon will always have a specials place in my heart and take me back to another place in my life, even if my feelings on the director have changed over time.

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