Day 282

Day 282 of the #365drawingchallenge continues #31DaysOfHalloween with the original creepy vampire, Max Schreck as Count Orlok in Nosferatu. This movie, even though it is silent and almost 100 years old at this point, still holds up. It’s still really creepy, largely due to the art direction. The German expressionism makes it visually very interesting. Since it is so old there are a bunch of different prints, so those vary quite a bit in quality. Some are partially colored or tinted and some have musical scores, so that will impact your viewing. I really like German expressionism and got really into it while studying film in college. I’ve tried to work it into my art a bit over the years, though I’m not sure how successful I’ve been. Also, there is a pretty great movie about making Nosferatu called Shadow of the Vampire with John Malkovich and Willem Dafoe that I’d recommend for some dark comedy.

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