Day 286

Day 286 of the #365drawingchallenge continues #31DaysOfHalloween with the cellphone loving Ghostface from Scream. I vividly remember when this movie came out and I was in middle school. My friend and I slowly walked the track in P.E. where we often talked about X-Files, but this time he had just seen Scream and proceeded to tell me all about it. And I was fascinated. I already loved horror movies and spent a lot of weekends renting them from Blockbuster and watching them with a different friend, so I was pretty excited for this one. From there I remember a lot of people buzzing about the movie. This was also at a time when I had started watching MTV and that was a big thing, and I felt like the two things were kind of linked in a way. There seemed to be a synergy between MTV culture and the return of the slasher movie. It all feels very 90s to me. I don’t actually remember when I saw the movie, I’m pretty sure it was in the theater because I couldn’t wait for it to come to Blockbuster. I do remember seeing the 3rd movie in the theaters with my dad on a whim and it being relatively empty because the Scream phenomena had died down a lot by that point. And I remember thinking it was kind of dumb. But the first one was a revelation for horror fan and really took the world by storm.

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